Japanese Room – Geisha

(post from Blogger November 2008)

I finally finished my traditional Japanese room using the 20th Anniversary Japanese Room (Washitsu) put out by Epoch.
The details of the set are wonderful and include the typical furniture and decorative items you would expect to find. Tatami mats cover the floor, a bonsai tree on the low cabinet, decorative fan on the wall. You are wondering about that table…what is that?
It’s called a kotatsu. It’s a table with a futon covering it and it has a heating element inside to keep
the legs and feet warm. To simulate warmth, it’s plush just like your favorite critter. 🙂
The set also comes with two kimono type jackets, a green tea set, some mikans (Japanese tangerines), and nori crackers, some zabutons (cushions), a trash bin, 2 traditional cabinets, and a futon with a pillow.

To make the room, I used basic balsa wood from the craft store. I used traditional rice paper origami for the wall paper behind the chests. I created a shoji type screen that is supposed to simulate a door between rooms with craft sticks and more rice paper. The floor below the futon
is also made of craft sticks glued to paper that I can roll up and remove to use somewhere else. I even made a miniature origami crane that’s sitting on the high cabinet (pale green).

Herb Wildwood and a cousin decided to visit Japan and have tea. A lovely Chocolat rabbit in full kimono is serving them. Kawaii desu ne?

Want to learn more about a Japanese room interactively?
Visit this link: Virtual Japanese House

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