This is a work in progress!  I had an album on Flickr but I’ve decided to keep all my originals in Google Photos.  I’m starting to watermark them all too!

Here’s what is in my collection so far!  Click the links in the Gallery Menu to see what I’ve added!

Japanese Original Sylvanian Families (update 7/2018)

Japanese Urban Life Families (update 7/2018)

US Tomy Families (update 7/2018)

UK Tomy/Flair Families (update 7/2018)

Calico Critters (update 7/2018)

Buildings (update 7/2018)

Books & Media (update 7/2018)

Furniture (update 7/2018)

Special Sets (update 7/2018)

Accessories (update 7/2018)

Custom/Handmade (update 7/2018)



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