Chantilly Cat Dreams

Esme Chantilly Cat

I love the Chantilly Cat Family, especially sister Esme.
Here she is daydreaming in her lavender bedroom.  While she does like camping and being outdoors, resting in her beautiful bedroom while reading is time well spent.

While I don’t have the Urban Life Cream Cat family, I think the Chantilly Cat family is a nice substitute, especially since they are from the same mold.  Both are no longer part of the current  Sylvanian line.  Since the Chantilly Cat family all came in different sets, it can be harder to collect the entire family now.  I think it’s worth it! If you put them in some fancier clothing, I think they would be perfect in the new SylvanianTown series.

UK Chantilly Cat Family

UK Chantilly Cat Family


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