Current Blythe Dolls

In addition to Sylvanian Families, I’m also an avid fan of Blythe!

Here are my current dolls in the order they came into my life.

Can Can Cat
Can Can Cat Blythe

Marjari (Can Can Cat -2008)

This was my 1st Blythe. I bought her NIB off Ebay in 2010. I looked through my old Ebay emails and I had started looking at her in 2008 but it took me 2 years to get the courage to buy her! As we know their prices go up!
I love her blue hair and it was perfect coming out of the box. She is my only SBL and I don’t plan to open her up or customize her.

Candy (University of Love)
She was my 2nd real stock girl purchase from Ebay and I got her in February 2017 just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Monday Tsuki (Custom factory doll by Art14 in Thailand)
She was my first factory doll custom. I bought her off Ebay in the spring of 2018.
Her head is made with Blythe factory parts because the back still has the embossed logo.
Silver hair, luscious and unique lip carving, long eyelashes and perfect, subtle brows.

Lykke (Factory Translucent)
I always wanted a translucent doll and had been pining over Ms. Sally Rice and Retro Mama.
I was browsing Ebay one day and saw this cutie. She was only $55 so it wasn’t hard to decide what to do. Like Monday Tsuki, she is also made of Blythe factory parts because she has the logo on the back. She’s a little Swedish and has a very young vibe to her.

The next 2 dolls came in the same order. I had started to be intrigued by customs with open mouths and teeth. I wasn’t ready to spend a lot so I found these on Ebay. Looking back, I could have just bought 1 but I thought a redhead and a brunette with a bob would be fun!

Saoirse (Fakie)

Ebay 2020 – This little Irish red head has fantastic hair. Saoirse is my fun Nature loving, autumn girl. She was the first doll I opened up myself and did some customization to. She’s got glass eyechips I painted and some from Dear Girlface. Fabric decopage eyelids with Japanese lawn fabric with squirrels, and sleep eyes. She’s on a Licca body. I still feel her mouth is a little weird as I did her lips with watercolor pencil. I may redo her in the future.

Kokkei (Fakie)

Ebay 2020 – Kokkei is fun, mischievious girl who loves frogs and hanging upsidedown. She has new eyechips I painted along with sparkling glitter ones from Dear Girlface. Sleepyeyes and custom pullstrings with her name and a little Keroppi. I’d love to redo her face and fix her mouth so she still doesn’t look like a fakie that was common at this time.

After paying more than necessary for these 2 open mouth girls I learned about Aliexpress.
That was a little dangerous. I bought a couple fake bodies for customizing along with clothes, shoes, and body parts.

Kiki and Lala (Fakie Custom)

One of those purchases was fake Middies. I got a blue long, straight haired doll and a pink, long haired one to become Sanrio’s Little Twin stars. Kiki got a bowl cut! I changed out their eyechips and sewed them white nightgowns. They are adorable but I’m not a fan of their jointed bodies.

Wendy (Kenner -1972)
2020 was a big year for my collection and the amount of fun I had! After attending a lot of virtual conventions like Blythecon Calgary and also Blythe vs Blythe, I finally got the Kenner bug.
A lovely raven Kenner showed up on Ebay in my price range! She was an early holiday December gift!
I named her Wendy as that was great name from the 70s. She’s in good condition but like all Kenners has some little quirks. She had a haircut but still has all her hair plugs. She’s missing some eyelashes.
Her lips are a lip sticker. But she’s got a great body, perfect Kenner eye pip sound, and that overall Kenner glow. She loves her vintage kitchen and has 2 official Kenner dresses. She came with me to Blythecon Cincinnati Kenner Blythe’s 50th birthday. So happy to be part of that celebration!

Ka’ilulani (Pineapple Princess)

Yay for a doll with tan skin and brown hair! She arrived in Spring 2021. After seeing her in other collections and even after hearing about her so called horrible hair, I had to have her. Hehe – we have similar hair so I knew it would be ok!
She came with me on a trip to visit family on Kauai. We went to the beach, on hikes, and dress shopping. I found the perfect outfit for her at an old store in Hilo. She really is gorgeous!

Ellis (Miss Sally Rice)

In spring 2022, I was on Facebook for the only reason Im on it – Blythe! and I saw her for sale. I jumped up and said I would buy her. She was such a good deal and even though she didnt come with her stock, she was in a lovely condition and her hair has faded to green. That translucent skin never fails to make me smile!

Sylvi Vanacari (Suri Sustainable – Nov 2022)

Ordered from Junie Moon in August 2023. This is my first Junie Moon purchase and also my first Good Smile Company Blythe.

Natasha Moore (February 2024)

Bonnibel /P-bubs ( Snowflake Sonata March 4 2024)

Violetina (March 5 2024)

Other dolls

Nikki Cat

3 dolls – fairy color, silver stripe and mint

VIP Pets Cats Elektra Hybrid (Got December 2, 2023)

Ideas for names: Oriane (French for sunrise), Daystar (star that appears before sunrise, the sun)
Cymbeline (Greek – shining burning sunset) Alba (Italian for sunset)

Website with lots of names:
Put Elektra head on Blythe azone jointed body

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