Spring Bunny Picnic

As I move my photos from Flickr to this WordPress site, I realize how much fun I had in the past setting up little scenes.  These photos are from 2009! That’s almost 10 years ago!

Anyway, I love all of the Sylvanian Bunny Families!  The JP Gray Bunny Family (Babblebrooks) was the first one I got as a child in 1986.
These pictures include: Babblebrooks, Hoppinsets, Wildwoods, Cottontails, Chocolate, and Milk Rabbits
The flowers in the tree with Austin Hoppinset are real and grow on my bush outside.
The purple and red flowers are lantana from my yard.  The small Cottontail bunny is holding a wild onion flower. And Breezy Babblebrook has a feather!  Rusty Wildwood gave this cute baby Cottontail a flower to hold. Isn’t she adorable? She is a carry-case baby.

Have any of you read Breezy Finds A Magic Feather?  It’s in the TOMY Collector’s Photo Album. Sylvanian Boys have too much fun!

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