Mysterious Giant Sylvanian Squirrel

In February of 2012, I purchased this mysterious squirrel from the Purple Toybox in the UK off of Ebay for 10GBP.

She is 6 inches tall, wears a dress, but has no tail. Her face shape is just like that of a Furbank squirrel but a bit larger.

A Giant Squirrel

A Giant Squirrel

The plastic she is made of is thinner and harder than a regular figure but the flocking is similar.  Her arms, legs and head move.
Her eyes are more like a flat disk button than the rounded eyes of regular figures. She has flat hands like vintage Tomy figures.

Does anyone know where she is from?  Perhaps she was part of a display or special giveaway.
Whoever she is, she’s a nice addition to my collection and I will probably make her a tail!


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