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My name is Cristina. I started collecting Sylvanian Families when my family moved from Texas to Japan when I was in the 5th grade (almost 25 years ago!)

My father was in the US military so we lived there from 1986 until 1990. I received the Sylvanian Families Original 2 story house, lots of furniture and the gray rabbit family (Babblebrooks). It was the beginning of an adventure!
I made clothes, curtains, took them outside and basically played with them all the time!

The next year my sister got the original Urban Life set in Japan that included the now very rare Mansion, with furniture, the Ivory Dog Family, the Duck Family (which is similar to the Waddlingtons) and some other original woodland figures.

Eventually I grew up and my Sylvanian village was put in boxes. I do remember in high school going to Toys R Us here in the US and picking up a few of the Tomy version of Sylvanian Families in the Clearance section. I was able to get several other animals (including my favorite Sibyl Hoppinset) and also the Carrot House.

When I went to college, my whole collection went in my mom’s attic and was forgotten. It wasn’t stored well and the Urban Life Mansion was damaged. With the birth of my daughter in 2004, I began thinking again of these wonderful characters and how she might come to enjoy them as much as I did.

My sister went back to Japan in 2006 and bought alot of the new baby line including Primrose Park, the carry case babies, and exchange students. I came to learn about Sylvanian Families in the UK and also Calico Critters here in the US.

The Internet has really opened my eyes again to all Sylvanian Families has to offer! I joined the UK Sylvanian member club in 2007.

I would like a Japanese pen pal (I took 4 semesters in college) to correspond with who also love Sylvanian Families who would like to trade JP items for CC limited editions.

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