Here are some Sylvanian Families websites that I have enjoyed:

Sylvanian Families JP – Official Japanese site. Luckily I can still read some hiragana and katakana!

Sylvanian Familiies UK  – Official site of UK. Has a worldwide collector’s club!

Sylvanian Families IT – Official site in Italy. Some special European figures available.

Sylvanian Families HK – Hong Kong site showcases both Japanese and UK SF items

Malaysian SF Fan Club – Kiki’s Sylvanian Page with Fan Club for Malaysia

Calico Critters – Official US site (SF renamed for the US market)

Collector Resource and ID sites

These super collectors are a great resource to see past, present, and upcoming SF items. They also explain rare items and give good collecting tips.

Sylvanian Families Community Message Board
-You have to join us!  This is an online community of people interested in Sylvanian Families.

- Great collectors photos! Wendy has done a magnificent job of cataloging SF Figures until about 2010.

Hayley’s Sylvanian Families
-Hayley is in the UK and has collected for over 20 years.  She well aware of rare and special figures.

Fan Pages
-These are pages that I find inspiring and fun!

Candy’s Sylvanian Families
-Candy is a US collector and has been collecting since she was a child too!

Lady Lollipop’s Sylvanian Families
 She makes wonderful items for her collection



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